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Suffolk Coastal will be represented by 42 councillors in the elections on 7 May - thirteen fewer than currently. Those councillors will represent eleven single-member wards, fourteen two-member wards and one three-member ward across the district - 26 electoral wards in total. View maps of the electoral wards and parishes for the May 2015 elections.

The following councillors are not standing for re-election on 7 May: Marian Andrews, Diana Ball, Sir Peter Batho, Peter Bellfield, Les Binns, Veronica Falconer, Jan Garfield, Michael Gower, Martin Grimwood, Bryan Hall, Trevor Hawkins, Steve Hudson, Jane Marson, Mary Neale, Andrew Nunn, Patricia O’Brien, Sally Ogden, Graham Peck, Josh Sayles, Joan Sennington, Barry Slater, Chris Slemmings, Bob Snell, Colin Walker, John Withey.

Suffolk Coastal currently has 55 councillors representing 34 electoral wards. The Council is Conservative controlled with the Conservatives holding 44 seats, the Liberal Democrats 5 seats, Labour 4 seats and Independent councillors 2 seats.