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Building Regulations applications

What are Building Regulations? 

National building regulations exist to ensure a robust standard of construction for the health and safety of people in and around all types of buildings. Building Regulations promote:

  • Standards for most aspects of a building's construction, including its structure, fire safety, sound insulation, drainage, ventilation and electrical safety.
  • Energy efficiency in buildings.
  • The needs of all people, including those with disabilities, in accessing and moving around buildings. They set standards for buildings to be accessible and hazard-free wherever possible.

Three different types of Building Regulations applications can be made -  a full plans application, a building notice application and a regularisation certificate application. Applications can be submitted by email, on CD, USB memory stick and on paper.

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Comprehensive information about Building Regulations is available on the Planning Portal:

Building Regulations application charges 

A charge is payable when you send a Building Regulation application to the Council. The amount payable depends on the work which is to be carried out. 

Please contact the Building Control Team who will be pleased to advise you of the customised charges for you project

In most cases when a full plans application is made fees are paid in two stages. A plan charge is paid when the plans are deposited for checking and an invoice for the inspection charge is sent after the work has commenced. This inspection charge is a one off fee and will cover the remainder of the inspections, irrespective of the number of visits made.

With a building notice application the total fee is payable on deposit. Where estimated costs are used for the calculation of charges these should be based upon the current RICS Review of Building Prices.

No fees are payable in certain cases where the work consists solely of providing facilities for someone with disabilities.

Site inspections 

There are a number of statutory inspections which must be carried out at various stages, depending on the works. For your guidance an inspection request list is sent out with every application acknowlegement. This gives details of when you or your builder must contact us for an inspection. These stages are as follows:

  • Commencement of work.
  • Foundation excavations.
  • Concrete in foundations.
  • Oversite preparation.
  • Damp-proof course.
  • Drainage before covering.
  • Drainage after haunching or covering.
  • Occupation of the building or part of the building.
  • Completion of work.

Two working days notice are required for commencement of work and one working day for all other inspections. We operate a same day service for most inspections provided the inspection is booked before 10am that day.

It may also be necessary for the inspecting officer to carry out additional inspections to ensure compliance with Building Regulations. Completion certificates are issued at the end of the work providing all the Building Regulations have been met.

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 

If you are doing or having construction or refurbishment work done, you may need to notify the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and you may have other duties as well. To find out more and to see if the regulations affect you go to the HSE's website.

Search for building control applications 

Records of building control applications made from 2005 to the present day are available on our new planning and building control system called Public Access:

You'll still need to contact us on 01394 444832 or email building.control@eastsuffolk.gov.uk for enquiries relating to information and documents prior to this.

Further information and advice 

Please remember that you may also need planning permission for your proposal. For more information go to the development management (planning permission) webpages.

Please feel free to contact your local building control officer to discuss your application. You can also contact us on the general enquiry number 01394 444832, email building.control@eastsuffolk.gov.uk or write to us at:

Building Control,
Suffolk Coastal District Council,
Council Offices,
Melton Hill,
Woodbridge IP12 1AU.

You are also welcome to visit us but it is best to call and make an appointment first.