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Current planning applications and having your say

Planning applications search

Suffolk Coastal has moved over to a new system for searching, tracking and commenting on planning applications called Public Access which is shared with Waveney District Council:

Weekly lists of planning applications and tree works

In Public Access you can use the 'Week Beginning' drop-down list to select which week you wish to view, then click 'Search'.

The results will show cases from both Suffolk Coastal and Waveney districts but you can use the filter options to return just the information for a specific town, parish or ward if that is what is required.

Planning application references have different prefixes and suffixes. Follow the link below for an explanation of what they mean and a guide to which applications are open for public consultation:

Please note: applications are only listed once they are valid and on the date they are valid. Customers who regularly use the weekly list are advised to also review the previous week's lists on the new system.

Having your say

Any views or comments you may wish to make known on any current application should be submitted in writing to the Council. Your views cannot be treated as confidential and will be available for public inspection.

You can also use our Public Access system for searching, tracking and commenting on planning applications.

Important note to users of Public Access - Please be aware that if you register as a user of the system and wish to submit comments then your comments will be immediately published on the website. However, personal telephone numbers and email addresses will not be published.

You can also discuss current applications with the relevant planning case officer, but for views to be formally considered they will need to be put in writing.

Archived application webpages

These archived webpages were produced for a number of applications (mainly during 2012 & 2013) where a lot of public interest in the documents and plans submitted was expected.