Foxhall Stadium operating formula and programme of events

Foxhall Stadium has been a local venue for speedway and stock car racing for many years and was originally granted planning permission in 1949.

In recent years Suffolk Coastal has been active in endeavouring to protect local residents from undue disturbance, and enabling the stadium to continue to function, for the benefit of competitors, fans and also local businesses.

The stadium's operating formula (the rules governing the use of the stadium) balances the needs of competitors and motor sport enthusiasts with those of local residents and the environment.

The rules control the number of race meetings allowed to take place in a year, the duration that engines are allowed to make noise, the start and end times of meetings, the use of loudspeakers and amplifiers, the length and number of practice sessions and the number and type of events related to the races, such as firework displays, barbeques and music concerts.

The operating formula was reviewed in April 2014 and will be reviewed again in 5 years time.

Foxhall Stadium calendar of events

A calendar of events for each year will be published here on the website once these have been finalised and agreed. The calendar gives the dates of stock car and speedway meetings and the dates when boot sales will be held: