Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Reduction - how to claim

Find out if you qualify

You call us on 01394 444838 or use an online calculator to get an indication of your entitlement to benefit but please note that the results returned should not be used as a definitive indication of your entitlement to benefit.

Please also be aware that the calculator will ask for the Local Housing Allowance rate (if renting from a private landlord) rather than your rent amount. Please ensure that you use the correct bedroom requirement and amount to get an accurate calculation. Follow this link to check the Local Housing Allowance rates.

How to apply

To make your claim for Housing Benefit, Council Tax Reduction or Second Adult Rebate you will have to complete an application form. This can be done by:

  • Making a new benefits claim online - you can use our online form to claim for Housing Benefit, Council Tax Reduction and Second Adult Rebate. Please allow up to 45 minutes to complete the online form. You can return to a saved application form at any time to complete your application.
  • If you claim Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will ask you if you wish to claim Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Reduction. You can apply for Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Reduction at the same time as applying for Income Support or Jobseekers Allowance with the DWP. They will send your claim to us electronically with proof of your Income Support or Jobseekers Allowance claim.

If you do not have access to the internet, free access to the internet is available at your local library. There is also free internet access at the Jobcentres in Woodbridge and Felixstowe. You can also visit our Melton Hill Offices or our Customer Services Centres at Woodbridge and Felixstowe libraries and complete an application form there. Follow this link for our opening times and location map.

To support your application we will require proof of your income, savings, rent details (for Housing Benefit claims) and identification. These can be sent by post to: Benefits, Suffolk Coastal District Council, Melton Hill, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1AU.

Alternatively, you can visit us at our Melton Hill offices in Woodbridge (appointments are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays - call 01394 444838), or our Customer Services Centres at Woodbridge and Felixstowe libraries. Follow this link for our opening times and location map.

Please find detailed below the type of evidence required to support your claim:

Once your application form has been submitted, and once we have received your supporting documentation, we will process your application and calculate your benefit entitlement. Letters will be sent to you explaining how this has been calculated and detailing your award. Please ensure you check these letters thoroughly to ensure the correct information has been used to calculate your benefit.

The service you can expect from us

We are committed to providing you with a service that is:

  • Fair - by processing your benefit application impartially.
  • Efficient - by issuing benefit payments promptly and accurately.
  • Accountable - by meeting Government standards.

To help us provide a high quality service:

  • Please reply quickly to our letters.
  • Please give us all the information we need (we cannot work out your benefit without it).
  • Tell us immediately about any changes in your circumstances.
  • Please fill in and return any application form we send you without delay.
  • Tell us immediately if you do not hear from us when you think you should.

Help and advice

For general questions or advice please call us on 01394 444838 or email benefits.scdc@eastsuffolk.gov.uk.

You can also get help and information by visiting us in Woodbridge and Felixstowe.

For free independent help and advice on benefits contact your local Citizen's Advice Bureau.