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Disposing of household paint and other hazardous household waste

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Paint tinsProducts such as paint, weed killers, pesticides, household cleaners and chemicals, creosote, fuel and other flammable liquids, motor oil, motor fluids, tyres, fluorescent tubes, etc, are all deemed hazardous and potentially damaging to the environment if disposed of incorrectly.

They should never be disposed of by placing in your normal rubbish bin or by tipping down the drain.

Try to avoid these products becoming waste in the first place. Check the guidelines on the tin to help ensure that you only buy enough of the product required for the job, and try and use up all of the product, for example, by spreading another coat to use up the last amount.

If you can't use it up yourself, see if your neighbours, friends, or relatives could find a use for it, or store it safely for future use, following the storage guidelines on the packaging.

Once completely empty, the containers of paint products and other chemical products may be placed in the normal rubbish bin.

Household waste recycling centres

Certain hazardous wastes can be taken to the household waste recycling centres for safe disposal. These include:

  • Used engine oil.
  • Domestic and vehicle batteries.
  • Fluorescent tubes.

If you take these to the household waste recycling centres, they must be placed in the designated container. Do not take paint or any other hazardous waste to the household waste recycling centres as they will not accept any containers with paint or any other substance that is still in liquid form.

Vehicle tyres

Old vehicle tyres will be accepted by the fitting garage whenever they fit a new tyre to the vehicle. They may also accept additional old tyres though a disposal charge may be made for this.

Emulsion paint

In the case of emulsion paint, leave any left over paint that you will not use at a later date in the container with the lid left off and some sand added to it. When it is completely dry and is no longer in liquid form it can be disposed of in the normal rubbish bin. This does not apply to solvent based paint or to any other liquid hazardous waste.

Hazardous household waste collection

To arrange a collection we will require a list of what you have for disposal, such as the number of tins and the type of waste you want us to collect. The cost for collection is a minimum of £45.13, which is payable at the time of booking. To book a collection please call Suffolk Coastal Norse on 01394 444000.


A collection service for cement based asbestos products, for example roofing sheet material, water tanks, guttering and down pipes from domestic premises is available. Collections can be arranged for a charge of £112 for up to 14 sheets of bonded cement based asbestos (maximum size of sheet is 6ft by 3ft).

Fibrous/loose asbestos insulation or lagging materials cannot be collected by Suffolk Coastal Norse and must be dealt with by a specialist licensed asbestos contractor.

Please see the link below to Health and Safety Executive guidance on dealing with cement based products and the health and safety precautions that need to be taken before dismantling and handling any cement based asbestos products.

To arrange a collection please call Suffolk Coastal Norse on 01394 444000.