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Building Regulations - building notice application

The building notice option for complying with Building Regulations was introduced to permit smaller projects of a simple nature to proceed without delay.

Drawings and any other details submitted with the building notice application are treated for information only and are not subject to formal approval or rejection. However, Suffolk Coastal’s building control team may ask for additional details or engineer’s designs at any stage to show that the work will comply with Building Regulation standards.

As no formal approval is given on a building notice, you do not receive the same protection provided by an approval of the drawings under the full plans option. Completion certificates are issued at the end of the work providing all the Building Regulations have been met.

You may use the building notice option if:

  • The building is not used for a 'relevant use' and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 does not apply to the work you are planning to do.
  • The work does not involve the construction, extension or underpinning of a building, which is being built over or within 3 metres of a public sewer or disposal main.
  • The work, which includes the erection of a building, does not front on to a private street.

'Relevant use' means that the building is used as a workplace and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies to it, or it is listed in the Fire Precautions Act (this includes shops, offices, hotels, hostels for hotel staff, boarding houses and factories).

You must commence the proposed work within three years of the date you give notice to the Council, after that your building notice will no longer be valid and you will have to make a new application if you still wish to carry out the work.

How to apply

Applications can be submitted by email, on CD, USB memory stick and on paper.