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Street lighting in Suffolk

Street lights on rural streetSuffolk County Council is implementing 'part-night' lighting and streetlight dimming across the whole of Suffolk, with the primary objective of reducing energy consumption, saving both money and reducing CO2 emissions.

The County Council is introducing an intelligent lighting system which provides computer-based communication with individual street lights allowing part-night operation, dimming, adjustment for actual light levels and for different days of the week or for events when lights need to stay on longer.

Introducing the system will save an estimated £550,000 per year in energy costs and has the potential to deliver a significant CO2 reduction.

For more information about street lighting and part-night lighting visit the Suffolk County Council website. Any queries should be directed to streetlighting@suffolk.gov.uk.

Suffolk Coastal owned lighting

Suffolk Coastal District Council is responsible for 1,737 footway lighting units in towns and parishes across the district. Highway or road standard lighting units are the responsibility of Suffolk County Council or the Highways Agency.

Towns and parishes where Suffolk Coastal owned lighting is located

Number of lighting units shown in brackets ().

Suffolk Coastal owned lights are shown as green or blue dots on the maps below.

Aldeburgh (32) Map Felixstowe (225) Map Kesgrave (3) Map Nacton (2) Map Saxmundham (7) Map Tunstall (6) Map
Aldringham Cum Thorpe (14) Map Framlingham (6) Map Kirton (7) Map Orford (38) Map Snape (5) Map Wenhaston (38) Map
Benhall (7) Map Friston (5) Map Knodishall (37) Map Peasenhall (17) Map Sternfield (1) Map Westleton (18) Map
Blythburgh (1) Map Grundisburgh (6) Map Leiston (36) Map Purdis Farm (23) Map Sudbourne (8) Map Wickham Market (65) Map
Bramfield (15) Map Hollesley (5) Map Martlesham (224) Map Rendlesham (24) Map Thorpeness (5) Map Witnesham (19) Map
Dennington (15) Map Huntingfield (5) Map Melton (94) Map Rushmere St Andrew (89) Map Trimley St Martin (78) Map
Woodbridge (372) Map
        Trimley St Mary (168) Map Yoxford (22) Map

Suffolk Coastal's Cabinet agrees to 'part-night' lighting

At its meeting on 3 December 2013 Suffolk Coastal's Cabinet agreed that, where appropriate, 'part-night' lighting is introduced for the Council’s footway lighting.

Cabinet also agreed to the installation of an intelligent lighting system for the Council's lighting. The installation investment expenditure should be recovered in approximately three years due to reduced energy costs. Other benefits include the ability to control and monitor the units remotely, providing greater energy efficiency and flexibility of operation.

With the introduction of part-night lighting, the majority of the Council's lighting units will be switched off between the hours of midnight and 5.30am. The exceptions remaining as all-night lighting are shown below:

  • Footway standard lighting on roads and footways throughout the district - to be converted to part-night lighting.
  • Lighting where sheltered accommodation for the elderly - to remain as all-night lighting.
  • Alleyway linking residential street or at bus stop - to remain as all-night lighting.
  • Car park lighting - to remain as all-night lighting.
  • Felixstowe Cliff/Spa Gardens amenity lighting - to be converted to part-night lighting.
  • Felixstowe Promenade lighting columns - to remain as part-night lighting.

The intelligent street lighting system, which will allow part-night lighting to be introduced, is due to be implemented during 2015.